The Control D Glucometer is a convenient, pocket-sized analysis tool that uses amperometric biosensors and laser patterning. It has a convenient ejection mechanism to discard used strips. The device is designed to work with multiple blood sugar levels and does not require coding.

Glucose meter

The Control D glucometer glucose meter meets the requirements set by ISO-15197:2013. It provides accuracy of 95% and requires no coding. It also comes with a memory function, allowing users to store up to 500 measurements. It takes five seconds to display results.

The Control D Glucometer is an excellent value for money blood glucose monitoring device. It has revolutionized the way people test their blood sugar and helped many people control their blood sugar levels. This device comes with enough strips to last a long time if you regularly perform blood glucose tests. The Control D Glucometer is easy to use and provides accurate results. It also has a large dosing window for easy blood absorption.

The company also offers several accessories to help people manage their diabetes. Aside from the Glucometer itself, Control D offers a range of other products, such as the Blood Pressure Monitor, Nebulizer, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, Healthy Socks, Stevia, and Green Coffee.

Glucose lancing device

The Control D Glucometer glucose lancing device provides an accurate reading of glucose concentration in the blood. It is easy to use, with a unique ergonomic grip and a latex-free cap. This device is ideal for both professionals and home users. It is compatible with most lancing devices, and the patented tip makes it very easy to handle and twist. It requires only a small drop of blood for testing.

The lancing device itself is compact and shaped like a cigar. It features a sliding tab to cock the needle and a button to launch the lancet. It uses single-use lancets, which are compatible with a variety of brands and models. The Control D Lancing Device has an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon, although some users found it difficult to use.

The basic functioning of a glucometer is based on a testing strip, which comes into contact with blood to measure glucose levels. The lancing device is used to pierce the skin to get a reading. It uses a hygienic needle to pierce the skin and automatically adjusts its penetration level to the thickness of the skin.

The Control D is a complete diabetes management system that includes a Glucometer and a lancing device. It utilizes advanced amperometric biosensors to measure glucose levels in blood in about 5 seconds. The device uses an internal vibration control system that reduces the amount of vibration caused by the device. This enables the lancing device to operate with less vibration and ensure that the tip of the needle does not move while firing.

Test strips

The Control D Glucometer uses a blood glucose test strip to measure the glucose concentration in a patient's blood. This is a convenient method of monitoring glucose levels and is useful for both home and professional use. The strips use a carbon electrode with laser patterning to provide fast and accurate results. Each pack contains 25 test strips.

The Control D Glucometer has many features, including a pocket-sized design for convenient testing. The device also has amperometric biosensors, alternate site testing, and laser patterning. The strips have an ejection mechanism that allows you to easily dispose of used strips. The strips are also very inexpensive and are great for domestic use.


The control d Glucometer is a reliable glucose meter that meets the requirements of ISO-15197:2013 and is extremely accurate. It is easy to use and comes with 5 depth settings. If you have a thick skin, go for a deeper depth setting while if you have thin skin, go for a shallower depth setting.

Despite its reliability, a glucose meter can produce inaccurate results for various reasons. Many factors can affect the meter's results, including the operator's technique and environmental factors. In addition, some patients may be taking medications, oxygen therapy, or other therapies. Also, if a patient has diabetes, the results can be affected by various diseases.

Accuracy of blood glucose monitors is measured by comparing them to a common laboratory method. A meter can be considered accurate if it falls within a margin of error of 5%. Although accuracy is an important factor in testing glucose levels, environmental conditions can also impact the results. Keeping your hands clean during blood glucose tests is an excellent way to improve your results.


The Control D Glucometer is a convenient, pocket-sized analysis tool. It uses laser patterning, alternate site testing, and amperometric biosensors. It also features an ejector system for used strips. It is an affordable option for those with diabetes.

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