The Contour Plus One glucometer has Bluetooth connectivity and automatically syncs with a smartphone. It allows you to sample more blood on the same test strip in as little as 30 seconds and delivers results within an error margin of +8.5%. The meter also follows the ISO 2013:15197 requirements for accuracy and reliability. In addition, it automatically calibrates itself when you change the test strip or lot number. It uses a non-cross-reactive flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) to measure glucose in the blood.


The Contour plus One is a great option for people with diabetes. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. It has many features that help users manage their diabetes. One of the most unique features of this device is the No Coding technology. This feature allows you to mark a control solution test with the same blood sample, making the entire process of testing your blood glucose levels faster and more accurate.

The Contoured Plus One also features a Smart Light feature. This feature shows the blood glucose range on the screen. The light blinks depending on whether your blood glucose levels are within or outside of the range. There are green, yellow, and red indicators. Users can adjust these colors using the app.

This device can store up to 800 results, making it a great choice for diabetics with multiple daily tests. It also connects to your mobile phone so you can sync the results with your smartphone. The app also lets you know your blood glucose levels in fasting and before and after meals. It's also great for travel since it weighs only 290 grams. It comes with a carrying case.

The Contour Plus One is designed to monitor your blood glucose levels and can help you manage your diabetes. It provides accurate results within seconds. It even has a smart light that lets you know when you're at a critical blood sugar level. You'll know in no time what you need to do to lower your blood sugar.


The Contour Plus ONE Glucometer is priced at Rs1,330 in India. It is available online and across major cities. You can also avail of Cash on Delivery. If you're price sensitive, you should wait for the price to go down before you buy it. You can find it at Flipkart and other online shopping websites for a discounted price.

The Contour Next ONE features a simple interface with a circle “OK” button and up and down arrows to move through commands. It also has a black-and-white display with icons indicating glucose levels. The display lacks a built-in backlight, but it is still efficient enough to read glucose levels.

The CONTOUR ™ PLUS ONE glucose meter is compatible with a wide variety of glucose testing devices. It can measure from 10 mg/dl to 600 mg/dl. It has a battery life of around 1000 tests. You can even share the results of the test with your physician before your visit. It also helps you understand your treatment better.

The CONTOUR PLUS ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides fast, accurate results within seconds. The Smart Light feature lets you know when you have reached a critical blood sugar level. The CONTOUR PLUS ONE glucometer is a user-friendly, convenient device that can improve your quality of life.

App compatibility

The Contour Plus One glucometer synchronizes with its companion app via Bluetooth, allowing you to see your blood glucose results in real-time. This feature is a useful tool to help you manage your diabetes more easily. The app displays your blood glucose results in a straightforward format that is easy to read and understand. It also offers you detailed information on your results, making it easy to share them with a physician.

As a result, the app works well, but the Contour Next One is not ideal for people with diabetes. The device's display is not particularly bright, and there is no backlight to avoid the need to continuously swipe up and down to navigate through commands. It also doesn't have the capability to instruct the meter to turn off after syncing. Instead, you will need to wait for the app to finish reading the data before the meter turns off.


The Contour Plus One is a compact glucometer with a high degree of accuracy. It is able to measure the blood glucose level at the fingertip with a 95% accuracy. Its lancing device is known to cause less pain than other devices. Furthermore, this glucometer automatically syncs with smartphones via Bluetooth.

The Contour Plus One Glucometer is a great convenience for diabetics. They may need to check their blood sugar level several times a day, especially if they start a new medication or exercise. With this glucometer at home, they can get the results instantaneously with minimal pain.

The Contour Plus One glucometer has high accuracy and user-friendliness, and it comes with a smart app that helps the diabetic manage their diabetes more effectively. The app also allows the user to save their blood sugar readings so that they can be accessed later. The Contour Plus One Glucometer meets all ISO 15197:2013 requirements for accuracy, and the feedback of customers is very positive.

While the Accu chek Active and Contour Plus One glucometer both meet the ISO 15197:2013 standards for accuracy, the Contour Plus One has a much higher level of accuracy. These glucometers can provide accurate results in a matter of minutes, and you can even save time and money by using the same test strip over.

Sharing results with the doctor

When using the Contour plus One glucometer, you can easily share your results with your doctor, even before your appointment. This enables you and your doctor to focus on what's important. It can measure blood glucose levels from 10 mg/dl to 600 mg/dl and has a battery life of about 1000 tests.

In addition, this glucometer features a Smart Light feature, which shows your blood glucose level in mmol/L and mg/dL. It also shows you a weekly summary of your blood glucose levels. You can also share the results with your doctor and others. This is beneficial because your doctor can use your results to guide your diabetes care.

The Contour plus One is portable and easy to use. It is also lightweight and convenient to take along on a trip. It is also equipped with several features, including a lancing device that is known to cause less pain. In addition, it has a USB port, which means you can share the results with your physician.

Despite the fact that test strips are expensive, they don't require manual coding and take as little as 5 seconds to test a small amount of blood. And the results are displayed immediately, so there's no need to wait for your appointment. You can share your results with your doctor and make an appointment right from your mobile device.

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