In this TRUE METRIX Meter Starter Kit review, we will look at what this meter has to offer and what you should expect from it. We will compare the PRO, GO, and Air models, and will discuss whether they meet the demands of new users and what they should expect. Ultimately, this TRUE METRIX Meter Starter Kit review will help you decide whether or not to buy it.


A TRUE METRIX(r) Starters Kit contains all you need to monitor blood glucose levels. The kit contains a TRUE METRIX Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter, a TRUEplus Single-Use Sterile Lancet, a TRUEdraw Lancing Device, the TRUEplus Log Book, METRIX Control Solution (Level 1), and 500 test results. It is recommended that you purchase a higher-end version if you are a frequent test-taker.

In addition to its ability to measure blood glucose levels, the True Metrix meter is easy to use. It has four handy alarms that remind you when to test your blood glucose levels, including a ketone reminder, control detection, and audible fill detection. Another important factor in the accuracy of test results is how you handle the strips after testing. True Metrix meter features a strip release button, which makes removing them a breeze.

The self-monitoring glucose meter from the TRUE METRIX brand has an advanced event tag technology that allows users to link lifestyle choices with results. The meter stores up to 500 results and is convenient to use. The system comes with free shipping for standard items. You might need to pay for oversized items, however. This TRUE METRIX Starter Kit Review will help you make an informed decision about your glucose testing needs.


If you're looking for a blood glucose monitor, TRUE METRIX PRO is a great option. The professional grade system is made by McKesson and is FDA-approved for multiple patient use in healthcare settings. It offers a high-quality protective screen, ketone test reminder, and download capabilities. In this TRUE METRIX PRO Starter Kit review, we'll take a look at the features and benefits of this meter.

The meter itself has a large display and is very easy to use. The meter also has four different reminder alarms: control detection, audible fill detection, and ketone reminder. We found the TRUE METRIX meter to be easy to handle and accurate, with four different alerts for testing. We also liked the meter's handy strip release button. This button releases the strips after you've finished testing.


If you're a diabetic, you're probably wondering what the difference between a PRO and a GO Starter Kit is. A PRO is for multiple patients and is intended for self-monitoring blood glucose levels. If you're unsure about what each meter does, check the manual for more information. Both meters use advanced technologies to measure glucose levels in your blood. The meter and test strips combine chemistry and electrodes to measure blood glucose levels in the range of 20-600 mg/dL.

The TRUE METRIX GO meter features a compact design that twists onto TRUE METRIX Test Strips. This makes it perfect for daily use. The meter also features enhanced performance features like 7-day and 14-day averaging, download capabilities and large test result memory. Test results are available within four seconds thanks to the 0.5 microliter sample size. The GO Starter Kit includes the GO Meter and a GoPak “koozie,” which can be used to carry the meter around.


A TRUE METRIX(r) Air meter starts with a simple set of test strips. The strips are the cheapest on the market and perform well in tests. The meter combines Bluetooth smart connectivity and a large memory to store test results. It also has Alternate Site Testing (ATS) capabilities, Event Tagging, and four testing reminder alarms to help you stay on top of your diabetes.

The Starter Kit comes with 100 TRUE METRIX test strips and two sterile 30g lancets. The kit also includes a TRUEdraw Lancing Device and TRUEplus Log Book. The Starter Kit also includes a Bluetooth Smart Connectivity. The meter is easy to use and is capable of storing 500 test results. The meter features 7-day and 14-day averaging.

Another convenient feature of the True Metrix meter is its ability to tag your test results. This feature allows you to link blood sugar results to a specific event or activity, such as after exercise, during a period of illness, or before a meal. Moreover, you can tag your blood sugar readings according to when you exercise, when you are pregnant, or during menstruation.